Clean water for all the world's children

The Tap Project was started in 2009 in Japan. About 630 million people worldwide live without access to clean, safe water. One of ten children under the age of five grows up in an environment where the water is unsafe to drink. Inadequate access to clean, safe water and sanitation services deprive millions of children of their health and lives of hope. Every day more than 800 children die of diarrhea and dehydration because they lack basic sanitation and access to clean, safe water.

Imagine: a glass of the water that flows from the tap in Japan-a simplicity of life that we take for granted-is all that is needed to give a child a much higher quality of life.

The Tap Project, which supports UNICEF activities to provide access to clean and safe water to all people of the world, started in New York in 2007 and is expanding worldwide. Including Japan Water Day on August 1*, many restaurants will join the movement. All you have to do to help is donate a token amount-we suggest 100 yen or more-for the water that is served at your table.
*Some restaurants may participate on a different day.